How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

The major eligibility criterion is holding a secondary school diploma/certificate which includes the following grades:

  • Medicine - two grades: (1) Biology and (2) Chemistry or Physics;
  • Nursing, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Medicine - at least one grade: Biology or Chemistry or Physics.

Apart from that you will need:

  • a document confirming your right to apply to all types of higher education institutions in your home country - if this is not stated in your secondary school leaving certificate;
  • a valid health certificate confirming your ability to take up studies - available from the page of the selected programme;
  • valid vaccination records (against hepatitis B);
  • a certified copy of your passport;
  • 4 valid photographs without head cover.

Is there an entrance examination?

There is no entrance examination, only an admission interview. The interview includes questions concerning knowledge in biology at the level of secondary school and motivation to study nursing, and also aims to check the candidate’s proficiency in English. The interview can be conducted online if needed.
The questions can concern anything that you had in secondary school in your biology courses. Therefore study materials or sample questions are not available, so that every candidate replies to the questions on the basis of what they remember from school.
The interview also includes questions focusing on your predispositions and motivation to study a given programme. Your English proficiency will also be assessed during the interview.

Does the university offer scholarships to international students of English-taught programmes?

No, the university does not offer scholarships or any other forms of financial aid to such students.

Can I get admitted on the basis of university degrees or professional experience that I’ve already achieved?

Additional academic and/or professional experience is treated as an advantage, but it does not constitute the basis for admission. All our English-taught programmes are undergraduate and we must make sure that every candidate has equal chances of being admitted, no matter if they are secondary school leavers or licensed practitioners. A fair assessment can only be done on the basis of a document which every candidate must possess, i.e. a secondary school diploma.
Additional experience and the educational path of our candidates are evaluated by the Qualification Commission during the later stages of recruitment.

Is the university internationally accredited?

The university holds accreditations of Polish institutions which in turn sign cooperation agreements with other countries concerning international recognition of accreditation decisions.
Our English-taught programmes currently hold several accreditations issued by:

  • the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA);
  • the Accreditation Committee of Polish University Medical Schools (KAAUM);
  • the National Accreditation Committee for Nursing and Midwifery Schools (KRASzPiP).

Will my university diploma be recognised abroad and give me the right to practice the profession?

This depends on the country’s internal regulations concerning the recognition of higher education diplomas. The university cannot guarantee whether your diploma will be recognised in a given country without additional diploma verification procedures. Your diploma might automatically give you the right to practice in some countries, while in others it might be subjected to additional diploma recognition procedures. Depending on the target country, a diploma recognition procedure might involve: going through an administrative verification process (you submit the diploma together with requested documents and wait for a formal decision), taking an exam or a skills test, or completing a supplementary course.
The university offers education leading to a given degree certified by a higher education diploma. The diploma opens the door to a graduate’s professional career, but does not have to automatically give them the right to practice. If you wish to pursue professional career in a country other than Poland, you should first check the regulations on the recognition of Polish medical diplomas in the country of your choice.

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