Why choose us?

Why choose NCU Collegium Medicum? Here's what our students and graduates have to say:

“Studying at NCU Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz has been a great experience of my life. I have learned and practised medicine in a university with competent and helpful doctors and teachers. The university gave me knowledge and practical skills needed in my career as a medical doctor. I am very happy that I chose to continue my education in Collegium Medicum and that I fulfilled my dream of becoming a doctor.”
Sara, Medicine

“The possibility to do the clinical work placement at two teaching hospitals prepares us to deal with different situations and different types of diseases. As a future physiotherapist, I greatly value the opportunity to explore the practical aspects of my profession in the university hospitals.”
“There is also a great variety of active student research clubs devoted to different areas of medicine, pharmacy and health sciences. There’s something for every young scientist!”
Anna Maria, Physiotherapy

“I like this school because the classes are small, which gives us a good student environment, everyone knows each other and you always have someone to turn to if you need help.”
Kine, Medicine

“I can honestly say that I made the right choice when I decided to study at Collegium Medicum. The university has fully prepared me for my current profession. As a student, I wanted to become a nurse in the Department of Surgical Oncology of the Oncology Centre in Bydgoszcz and I’m proud to say that I achieved my goal.”
Emilia, Nursing

“I really enjoy studying here because of the great town. The Old Town is really beautiful during the spring and the summer.”
“There are also some really good social gatherings. There’s a really good community to gather up and study and work together. Having this opportunity has been a big change in my life.”
Jakob, Medicine

„I chose to study laboratory medicine because it was in line with my interests and I have succeeded in turning my passion into my current professional career. The years that I spent at the university were fruitful and filled with activities promoting and supporting student life and the student community.”
Martyna, Laboratory Medicine

“What I love about the university is our great teachers and professors that help us learn interesting stuff about medicine.”
“The teaching facilities here are great. We have classroom-based education, so we have a close teacher-student relationship and we can really get to know out teachers well. This alone enhances our learning. I would highly recommend studying here.”
Katherine, Medicine

“I chose to study Physiotherapy because it has always been my real passion. Working with children in the Centre for Modern Physiotherapy gives me a lot of satisfaction. What I do now is a continuation and application of the knowledge that I gained during my studies at Collegium Medicum.”
Kamil, Physiotherapy

“Last year I was here as an Erasmus student and I liked the school and the teachers so much that I decided to try to get into Medicine in this school.”
“I like Bydgoszcz a lot because there are students from different countries, so you can improve your English a lot.”
Alba, Medicine